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Peptide-Based Electrical Array Sensor for Discriminating Heavy Metal Ions. 基于肽的电阵列传感器用于鉴别重金属离子
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-12 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c02317
Jinlei Fan, Zhongchen Xu, Pan Qi, Cunlan Guo
{"title":"Peptide-Based Electrical Array Sensor for Discriminating Heavy Metal Ions.","authors":"Jinlei Fan, Zhongchen Xu, Pan Qi, Cunlan Guo","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c02317","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>Charge transport in molecular junctions provides an excellent way to investigate the response of molecules to intrinsic changes and external stimuli, exhibiting powerful potential for developing sensors. However, achieving multianalyte recognition remains a challenge. Herein, we innovatively developed an electrical array sensor based on peptide self-assembled layers for discriminating various heavy metal ions. Three peptide sequences were designed as sensing units with varying binding affinities for different metal ions. Electrical measurements demonstrated that different metal ions diversely affect the charge transport of peptide junctions. By using principal component analysis, a clear discrimination between the five kinds of heavy metal ions can be achieved. In the analysis of real samples, the array sensor showed a reliable anti-interference capability. The array sensor offers possibilities for large-area molecular junctions to construct functional molecular sensing devices.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-12","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141588909","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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Unveiling the Correlation Between the Membrane Assembly of P-gp and Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma Using Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging. 利用超分辨率荧光成像揭示多发性骨髓瘤中 P-gp 膜组装与耐药性之间的相关性
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-12 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c00093
Junling Chen, Yuwei Du, Hao Hou, WenFeng Li, Chunyan Sun, Feng Liang, Hongda Wang
{"title":"Unveiling the Correlation Between the Membrane Assembly of P-gp and Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma Using Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging.","authors":"Junling Chen, Yuwei Du, Hao Hou, WenFeng Li, Chunyan Sun, Feng Liang, Hongda Wang","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c00093","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>Drug resistance in multiple myeloma (MM) poses a significant challenge to treatment efficacy, primarily attributed to P-glycoprotein (P-gp) dysfunction. This study delves into the elusive spatial organization of P-gp, aiming to enhance our understanding of its role in MM drug resistance by exploring the intricate relationship between molecular function and spatial arrangement. Employing super-resolution imaging of P-gp with the inhibitor probe Tariquidar-TAMR labeling on MM cell membranes, the research uncovered a more pronounced clustering distribution of P-gp in drug-resistant cells (MM1R) compared to drug-sensitive counterparts (MM1S). Further exploration revealed the clustering distribution of P-gp was heightened as cellular drug resistance increased in hypoxic condition, directly emphasizing the strong correlation between P-gp cluster morphology and drug resistance. Additionally, stable P-gp cluster formation was influenced by cross-linking of membrane carbohydrates, and disrupting these glycoprotein clusters could reduce cellular drug resistance, suggesting that altering distribution patterns of P-gp can modulate drug responsiveness. Finally, dexamethasone (Dex) treatment was revealed to enhance P-gp clustering distribution, particularly in MM1S cells, indicating that change degree in P-gp distribution correlate with the modifiable space of cellular drug responsiveness. This study provides insights into the correlation between P-gp assembly and cellular drug responsiveness, deepening our understanding of functional changes in MM drug resistance and offering valuable perspectives for overcoming this challenge.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-12","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141588910","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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MXene Supported Surface Plasmon Polaritons for Optical Microfiber Ammonia Sensing. 用于光学微纤维氨传感的 MXene 支持表面等离子体极化子。
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-12 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01484
Hui Li, Kai Yang, Haibo Hu, Chengbing Qin, Benli Yu, Sheng Zhou, Tongtong Jiang, Derek Ho
{"title":"MXene Supported Surface Plasmon Polaritons for Optical Microfiber Ammonia Sensing.","authors":"Hui Li, Kai Yang, Haibo Hu, Chengbing Qin, Benli Yu, Sheng Zhou, Tongtong Jiang, Derek Ho","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01484","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>The properties of surface plasmons are notoriously dependent on the supporting materials system. However, new capabilities cannot be obtained until the technique of surface plasmon enabled by advanced two-dimensional materials is well understood. Herein, we present the experimental demonstration of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) supported by single-layered MXene flakes (Ti<sub>3</sub>C<sub>2</sub>T<sub><i>x</i></sub>) coating on an optical microfiber and its application as an ammonia gas sensor. Enabled by its high controllability of chemical composition, unique atomistically thin layered structure, and metallic-level conductivity, MXene is capable of supporting not only plasmon resonances across a wide range of wavelengths but also a selective sensing mechanism through frequency modulation. Theoretical modeling and optics experiments reveal that, upon adsorbing ammonia molecules, the free electron motion at the interface between the SiO<sub>2</sub> microfiber and the MXene coating is modulated (i.e., the modulation of the SPPs under applied light), thus inducing a variation in the evanescent field. Consequently, a wavelength shift is produced, effectively realizing a selective and highly sensitive ammonia sensor with a 100 ppm detection limit. The MXene supported SPPs open a promising path for the application of advanced optical techniques toward gas and chemical analysis.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-12","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141588908","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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Visualization of Phospholipid Synthesis on Tissue Sections Using Functional Mass Spectrometry Imaging. 利用功能质谱成像观察组织切片上的磷脂合成。
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-12 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01219
Taiga Iwama, Kuniyuki Kano, Hiroki Kawana, Hideo Shindou, Takao Shimizu, Nozomu Kono, Junken Aoki
{"title":"Visualization of Phospholipid Synthesis on Tissue Sections Using Functional Mass Spectrometry Imaging.","authors":"Taiga Iwama, Kuniyuki Kano, Hiroki Kawana, Hideo Shindou, Takao Shimizu, Nozomu Kono, Junken Aoki","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01219","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>Functional mass spectrometry imaging (fMSI) is a potent tool for elucidating the spatial distribution of enzyme activities in tissues at high resolution. In this study, we applied fMSI to probe the intricate biosynthesis of phospholipids, which exist as thousands of molecular species in tissues and exhibit a unique distribution specific to cell type. By using deuterium- and <sup>13</sup>C-labeled substrates, we visualized the activities of key enzymes involved in phospholipid synthesis, including glycerol 3-phosphate acyltransferase (GPAT), lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferases (LPAAT), lysophospholipid acyltransferases (LPLAT), and long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase (ACSL). Additionally, we were able to visualize a two-step sequential enzyme reaction involving ACSL and LPLAT. This novel approach unveiled significant variations in enzyme activity distribution depending on the type of fatty acids used as substrates. It will also help to reveal the mechanisms underlying the formation of numerous phospholipid species.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-12","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141588911","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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Host-Guest Interaction Mediated Perovskite@Metal-Organic Framework Z-Scheme Heterojunction Enabled Paper-Based Photoelectrochemical Sensing. 主客体相互作用介导的 Perovskite@Metal-Organic Framework Z-Scheme 异质结支持纸基光电化学传感。
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-11 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c02351
Guofu Wang, Lin Li, Hongbo Zhao, Hongmei Yang, Lina Zhang, Peini Zhao, Kang Cui, Jinghua Yu
{"title":"Host-Guest Interaction Mediated Perovskite@Metal-Organic Framework Z-Scheme Heterojunction Enabled Paper-Based Photoelectrochemical Sensing.","authors":"Guofu Wang, Lin Li, Hongbo Zhao, Hongmei Yang, Lina Zhang, Peini Zhao, Kang Cui, Jinghua Yu","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c02351","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>Exploring the high-performance photoelectronic properties of perovskite quantum dots (QDs) is desirable for paper-based photoelectrochemical (PEC) sensing;however, challenges remain in improving their stability and fundamental performance. Herein, a novel Z-scheme heterostructure with host-guest interaction by the confinement of CH<sub>3</sub>NH<sub>3</sub>PbBr<sub>3</sub> QDs within Cu<sub>3</sub>(BTC)<sub>2</sub> metal-organic framework (MOF) crystal (MAPbBr<sub>3</sub>@Cu<sub>3</sub>(BTC)<sub>2</sub>) is successfully constructed on the paper-based PEC device for ultrasensitive detection of Ochratoxin A (OTA), with the assistance of the exciton-plasmon interaction (EPI) effect. The host-guest interaction is estabilished by encapsulating MAPbBr<sub>3</sub> QDs as guests within Cu<sub>3</sub>(BTC)<sub>2</sub> MOF as a host, which prevents MAPbBr<sub>3</sub> QDs from being damaged in the polar system, offering access to long-term stability with high-performance PEC properties. Benefiting from the precise alignment of energy levels, the photogenerated charge carriers can migrate according to the Z-scheme charge-transfer pathway under the driving force of the internal electric field, achieving a high photoelectric conversion efficiency. Upon OTA recognition, the EPI effect is activated to modulate the exciton response in MAPbBr<sub>3</sub> QDs by accelerating radiative decay, finally achieving sensitive OTA sensing with a detection limit of 0.017 pg mL<sup>-1</sup>. We believe this work renders new insight into designing host-guest Z-scheme heterojunctions in constructing the paper-based PEC sensing platforms for environmental monitoring.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-11","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141578219","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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6-Plex Tandem Phosphorus Tags (TPT) for Accurate Quantitative Proteomics. 用于准确定量蛋白质组学的 6-Plex 串联磷标记 (TPT)。
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-11 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01865
Xiaoyu Wang, Lianshuai Ding, Yufen Zhao, Xiang Gao
{"title":"6-Plex Tandem Phosphorus Tags (TPT) for Accurate Quantitative Proteomics.","authors":"Xiaoyu Wang, Lianshuai Ding, Yufen Zhao, Xiang Gao","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01865","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>Isobaric chemical labeling is a widely used strategy for high-throughput quantitative proteomics based on mass spectrometry. However, commercially available reagents have high costs in applications as well as the sensitivity limitations for detection of the trace protein samples. Previously, we developed a 2-plex isobaric labeling strategy based on phosphorus chemistry for ultrasensitive proteome quantification with high accuracy. In this work, 6-plex tandem phosphorus tags (TPT) were developed with 3-fold increase in the multiplexing quantitative capacity compared to the 2-plex isobaric phosphorus reagents introduced previously. High isotope enrichment of <sup>18</sup>O labeling was incorporated into the phosphoryl group with three exchangeable oxygen atoms by using commercially available H<sub>2</sub><sup>18</sup>O. The combinational incorporations of <sup>18</sup>O atom in reporter ions and balance group set up the low-cost foundation for development of multiplex TPT reagents. The novel 6-plex TPT reagents could produce phosphoramidate as unique reporter ions with approximately 1 Da mass difference and thus enable 6-plex quantitative analysis in high-resolution ESI-MS/MS analysis. Using HeLa cell tryptic peptides, we concluded that 6-plex TPT reagents could facilitate large-scale accurate quantitative proteomics with very high labeling efficiency.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-11","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141588904","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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Enhancing Kinase Activity Detection with a Programmable Lanthanide Metal-Organic Framework via ATP-to-ADP Conversion. 通过 ATP 到ADP 的转换,利用可编程镧系金属有机框架增强激酶活性检测。
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-11 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c02237
Long Yu, Yongjin Shen, Qi Xu, Zhiwen Gan, Yumin Feng, Chunxu Yang, Yuxiu Xiao
{"title":"Enhancing Kinase Activity Detection with a Programmable Lanthanide Metal-Organic Framework via ATP-to-ADP Conversion.","authors":"Long Yu, Yongjin Shen, Qi Xu, Zhiwen Gan, Yumin Feng, Chunxu Yang, Yuxiu Xiao","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c02237","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>Precise modulation of host-guest interactions between programmable Ln-MOFs (lanthanide metal-organic frameworks) and phosphate analytes holds immense promise for enabling novel functionalities in biosensing. However, the intricate relationship between these functionalities and structures remains largely elusive. Understanding this correlation is crucial for advancing the rational design of fluorescent biosensor technology. Presently, there exists a large research gap concerning the utilization of Ln-MOFsto monitor the conversion of ATP to ADP, which poses a limitation for kinase detection. In this work, we delve into the potential of Ln-MOFs to amplify the fluorescence response during the kinase-mediated ATP-to-ADP conversion. Six Eu-MOFs were synthesized and Eu-TPTC ([1,1':4',1″]-terphenyl-3,3'',5,5''-tetracarboxylic acid) was selected as a ratiometric fluorescent probe, which is most suitable for high-precision detection of creatine kinase activity through the differential response from ATP to ADP. The molecular -level mechanism was confirmed by density functional theory. Furthermore, a simple paper chip-based platform was constructed to realize the fast (20 min) and sensitive (limit of detection is 0.34 U/L) creatine kinase activity detection in biological samples. Ln-MOF-phosphate interactions offer promising avenues for kinase activity assays and hold the potential for precise customization of analytical chemistry.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-11","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141578179","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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Visualizing Single-Molecule Protein Conformational Transitions and Free Energy Landscape. 单分子蛋白质构象转变和自由能景观可视化
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-11 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01970
Yi Wang, Yang Zhou, Liting Qi, Yamin Wang, Le Sun, Miaomiao Cai, Quli Fan, Lei Zhang
{"title":"Visualizing Single-Molecule Protein Conformational Transitions and Free Energy Landscape.","authors":"Yi Wang, Yang Zhou, Liting Qi, Yamin Wang, Le Sun, Miaomiao Cai, Quli Fan, Lei Zhang","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01970","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>Monitoring the conformational dynamics of individual proteins is essential to understand the relationship between structure and function in molecular regulatory mechanisms. However, the fast dynamics of single proteins remain poorly understood. Here, we construct a single-molecule sensing platform by introducing plasmonic imaging of single nanoparticles to sense and report the protein conformational changes at the single-molecule level. Tracking the fluctuations of individual nanoparticles with high resolution, we detect and characterize distinct conformational states of molecular chaperone heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90). We also explore the conformational changes of Hsp90 in situ under different nucleotide conditions. Analysis of the conformational fluctuations between the open and closed states of single Hsp90 provides important information on free energy profiles, effective spring constants, and multiphase behaviors. This method offers a strategy to visualize the conformational changes of single proteins in real-time and provides insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-11","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141588912","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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Covalent Organic Framework-Structured Raman Probes for Ultrasensitive In Vivo Bioimaging 用于超灵敏体内生物成像的共价有机框架结构拉曼探针
IF 7.4 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-11 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01376
Kai Cui, Ruike Li, Meng Li, Yuanyuan Qiu, Haoze Wang, Wenwei Wu, Tize Liu, Wenxian Zhang, Zeyu Xiao
{"title":"Covalent Organic Framework-Structured Raman Probes for Ultrasensitive In Vivo Bioimaging","authors":"Kai Cui, Ruike Li, Meng Li, Yuanyuan Qiu, Haoze Wang, Wenwei Wu, Tize Liu, Wenxian Zhang, Zeyu Xiao","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01376","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"Organic Raman probes, including polymers and small molecules, have attracted great attention in biomedical imaging owing to their excellent biocompatibility. However, the development of organic Raman probes is usually hindered by a mismatch between their absorption spectra and wavelength-fixed excitation, which makes it difficult to achieve resonance excitation necessary to obtain strong Raman signals. Herein, we introduce a covalent organic framework (COF) into the fine absorption spectrum regulation of organic Raman probes, resulting in their significant Raman signal enhancement. In representative examples, a polymer poly(diketopyrrolopyrrole-<i>p</i>-phenylenediamine) (DPP-PD) and a small molecule azobenzene are transformed into the corresponding COF-structured Raman probes. Their absorption peaks show an accurate match of less than 5 nm with the NIR excitation. As such, the COF-structured Raman probes acquire highly sensitive bioimaging capabilities compared to their precursors with negligible signals. By further mechanism studies, we discover that the crystallinity and size of COFs directly affect the π-conjugation degree of Raman probes, thus changing their bandgaps and absorption spectra. Our study offers a universal and flexible method for improving the signal performance of organic Raman probes without changing their structural units, making it more convenient to obtain the highly sensitive organic Raman probes for in vivo bioimaging.","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":7.4,"publicationDate":"2024-07-11","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141588833","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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Real-Time Study of the Specific Interactions of Lactoferrin with Mimicked Heparan Sulfate Meshes Using Ordered Porous Layer Interferometry. 利用有序多孔层干涉测量法实时研究乳铁蛋白与模拟硫酸肝素网的特异性相互作用。
IF 6.7 1区 化学
Analytical Chemistry Pub Date : 2024-07-11 DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01808
Yu Zhang, Ning Ma, Lu Wang, Liming Liu, Tianze Wang, Hao Liu, Weiping Qian
{"title":"Real-Time Study of the Specific Interactions of Lactoferrin with Mimicked Heparan Sulfate Meshes Using Ordered Porous Layer Interferometry.","authors":"Yu Zhang, Ning Ma, Lu Wang, Liming Liu, Tianze Wang, Hao Liu, Weiping Qian","doi":"10.1021/acs.analchem.4c01808","DOIUrl":"","url":null,"abstract":"<p><p>Heparan sulfate (HS) meshes within the glycocalyx on cell surfaces have protein recognition ability and have been crucial for gaining insights into vital bioprocesses, such as viral infection, cancer development, and inflammation. The protein recognition ability is determined by the mesh property and compositions of HS, although little attention has been paid to the effect of the mesh property on the recognition. An in-depth specificity study of protein-HS-mesh recognition is essential to illustrate related biological functions. Here, ordered porous layer interferometry is applied to study the interaction behavior between mimicked HS meshes and lactoferrin (LF). Our work aimed at mimicking HS meshes with heparin, a widely used substitute of HS, and analyzing the specific LF-heparin-mesh interaction mechanism by inhibiting the nonspecific interaction in a blended sample. We found that the counterion release-based electrostatic interaction is dominant in the specific LF-heparin-mesh recognition. Furthermore, we detail the contributions of nonspecific and specific interactions to the recognition. We illustrate that the concentrated charge distribution of the proteins appears to be primarily related to this robust, specific recognition.</p>","PeriodicalId":27,"journal":{"name":"Analytical Chemistry","volume":null,"pages":null},"PeriodicalIF":6.7,"publicationDate":"2024-07-11","publicationTypes":"Journal Article","fieldsOfStudy":null,"isOpenAccess":false,"openAccessPdf":"","citationCount":null,"resultStr":null,"platform":"Semanticscholar","paperid":"141578224","PeriodicalName":null,"FirstCategoryId":null,"ListUrlMain":null,"RegionNum":1,"RegionCategory":"化学","ArticlePicture":[],"TitleCN":null,"AbstractTextCN":null,"PMCID":"","EPubDate":null,"PubModel":null,"JCR":null,"JCRName":null,"Score":null,"Total":0}
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